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We can provide EPCs for RHI ( Renewable Heat Incentive) applications and PV Feed In Tariff applications.

For information on the Feed In Tariff  (FIT) and Smart Export Guarantee :


A new tariff has replaced the FIT called the Smart Export Guarantee from 1st January 2020. Details can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website here:


For information on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI ) :


–  Please note , we no longer carry out Green Deal Assessments

We are independent Green Deal Advisors working with the Green Deal Advisor Association to provide impartial Green Deal Advice Reports for Green Deal Plans.  The Green Deal is a Government scheme to reduce fuel bills in homes.  It is a “pay as you save” scheme that started in January 2013.  ECO funding may be available from utility companies to support the Green Deal and is targeted at insulating solid walls and hard to treat cavities.

The Government has currently stopped funding the Green Deal Finance Bank.
We await further announcements as to the future of Green Deal.


The Government has released more details regarding the Green Homes Grant ( with thanks to Elmhurst Energy).   Also see     https://www.gov.uk/government/news/quality-assurance-at-heart-of-new-2-billion-green-homes-grants

The scheme applies only in England
The fund is £2 billion and is expected to assist up to 600,000 homeowners.
Consumers can claim vouchers worth up to £5,000 (66% funding) and £10,000 (100% funding)
for low income households.
The available measures are split into “primary” and “secondary” categories and
households will need to install at least one of the primary measures found in the table
below in order to qualify for funding. As long as there is at least one primary measure in
the package of works, households will also be able to install secondary measures.
Secondary measures can only be subsidised up to the amount of subsidy provided for
primary measures. (e.g. if a household receives £1,000 for primary measures, they can
only receive a maximum of £1,000 towards secondary measures).

Primary Measures 

Insulation  – solid wall, cavity wall, under-floor, loft, flat roof, room in roof.

Low carbon heat – park home, air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, solar thermal

Secondary Measures
Draught proofing

Windows and Doors – double/triple glazing (where replacing single glazing), secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing), upgrading to energy efficient doors (where replacing doors installed prior to 2002)

Heating controls and insulation – appliance thermostats, hot water tank thermostats, hot water tank insulation, smart heating controls, zone controls, delayed start thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves

For low-carbon heating to be installed, households will need to have adequate insulation (e.g. wall and loft, where applicable). These can be installed as part of a package – they do not have to already be in situ.

Eligibility for the scheme
The following properties are eligible for the Green Homes Grant:
All owner-occupied homes (including long-leaseholders, shared ownership)
Landlords of private rented sector domestic properties
Landlords of social sector domestic properties (including LA owned homes)
Park home owners (for residential sites including Gypsy and Traveller sites)
All installations must also be undertaken by a TrustMark approved Installer