Landlords & MEES


On the 26th March 2015, the Energy Efficiency(Private Rented Sector) (England and Wales) Regulations passed into law. These regulations are better known as the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES). The minimum energy efficiency standard will be set at a Band ‘E’ EPC rating.
The full Regulations/Statutory Instrument can be viewed here:  MEES Regulations

What does this mean?
For domestic and non-domestic properties, a landlord will not be able to grant a tenancy, or
extend an existing tenancy, if the rental property does not meet the minimum standards.

Private rented DOMESTIC and NON-DOMESTIC properties must reach a minimum of a Band E rating by 1st April 2018

Domestic energy efficiency improvements
From 1st April 2016 tenants will be able to request consent from their landlord to undertake improvements to their property’s energy efficiency – as long as this improvement has been recommended by an EPC, Green Deal report, or surveyor report.
Tenants will need to demonstrate either government or third-party funding, or a willingness to pay, in their request.  A landlord will have a duty not to unreasonably refuse a tenant’s request.

More information on MEES for Domestic Dwellings

The Government has issued (October 2017) a comprehensive guidance document for the implementation of MEES in Dwellings and can be found here:

There are also two excellent guides to be found on the RLA (Residential Landlords Association) website

More information on MEES for Non Domestic Buildings ( Commercial )
Dept for BEIS (formerly DECC) have now (Feb 2017) issued a comprehensive guidance document for the implementation of MEES in Non Dwelling ( Commercial) properties which can be found here:

South West Property Reports can carry out EPCs to establish current ratings and advise on the ways that the property may be improved to a Band E or better.  There are usually several ways of achieving this and we can look at options so that landlords can choose the most cost effective, simplest solutions for each property.  Options could be applying for an exemption, better insulation, changing the heating system/fuel or in commercial properties it may be achieved just by changing the lighting.
We can evaluate any planned energy efficiency improvements by calculating the payback and the effect on the EPC rating Band.

BEIS guidance on registering an exemption can be found here:

Exemptions can be registered here:

The Exemptions Register can be searched for properties here: