March 13, 2013

The following statement has been issued by DECC and DCLG

DCLG and DECC clarifications on requirements of Green Deal post-install EPC’s
This note reiterates the guidance issued by DCLG on the requirements for EPC’s lodged on the Landmark Register, post-installation of Green Deal measures ( theconstruction-sale-and-let-of-dwellings

This follows a number of questions raised by some in the industry, from both EPB Accreditation Schemes and Green Deal Assessor Certification Bodies.

Following the installation of improvements funded by a Green Deal Plan, Green Deal Providers are required to add information about the Plan to the EPC Register. Once they have done this, the Green Deal Provider will notify an assessor about which of the energy saving improvements have been installed (as recommended in the Green Deal Advice Report and by the original EPC). They will provide appropriate evidence that the work has been done, confirmed by their customer.
This assessor will then use the evidence received from the Green Deal Provider to create and lodge a new EPC for the property. A post-install Green Deal EPC must reflect all the improvements facilitated by a Green Deal Provider, even if not all of them are funded by Green Deal finance. Once this new, post-install EPC is lodged, the Register will add the Green Deal Plan information, which then becomes part of the new EPC.

The assessor who carries out the post-install assessment and EPC lodgement, using evidence received from a Green Deal Provider, is not required to visit or re-visit the property.

This assessor could be the same person who carried out the original EPC assessment and / or the Occupancy Assessment, or they could be a different assessor engaged by the Green Deal Provider specifically to handle post-install lodgements. However, it is important to note that an assessor may not have access to the EPC XML data file if they are not a member of the same Certification Body as the assessor who lodged the original EPC. Without that EPC XML data file, the assessor would need to revisit the property to carry out a full new assessment. The Q&A in the DCLG guidance makes clear that a further assessment by a GD assessor is not required following installation of Green Deal measures, provided that suitable evidence is available from the Provider that the work has been done.

The energy assessment industry will need to modify some working practices to take account for these aspects of the Green Deal. For example post-install EPC’s will not require a second assessment, nor an associated site visit, so audit procedures will need to take account of this fact for quality assurance purposes.