Early EPCs Begin to Expire in August 2017

June 29, 2017

EPCs on properties for sale – 10 Year Validity REMINDER

EPCs started on 1st August 2007 and are valid for up to 10 years. So some will start to expire from 1 August 2017.  We would like to remind you that some “For Sale” properties which have EPCs may be close to running beyond their 10 year validity date during marketing and before exchange.

Therefore some pre-marketing date checks of EPCs (for sale) will soon be required to avoid potential problems and fines.

You may remember that EPC were phased in over a few months starting with 4 bedroom + properties.

Properties taken on for sale after the following dates will require their existing EPCs replaced if the latest EPC on the Landmark Register is over 10 years old.

4 Bedroom + Properties –  some EPCs become out of date from 31 July 2017         (EPC requirement started 1 Aug 2007)

3 Bedroom Properties –     some EPCs become out of date from 9 September 2017    (EPC requirement started 10 Sept 2007)

Remainder Properties –    some EPCs become out of date from 13 December 2007   (EPC requirement started 14 Dec 2007) .

This will require a physical check not only of the existence of a current EPC but also the date it was produced.  See the Landmark Register :   www.epcregister.com