Forthcoming amendments to the EPBD Building Regulations

February 16, 2012

Reminder from NHER
In September last year, we received notification from DCLG of their intention to defer the proposed changes to the EPBD Regulations until 6 April 2012. DCLG also advised that they would provide further information and interim guidance in due course and we will let you know any further news as and when we are advised.

 DCLG has confirmed that although RDSAP 9.91 will go live as of 1 April 2012, the amendment to the Regulations will not come into force until 6 April 2012.  The reason for this discrepancy is that in order to minimise disruption, Landmark always schedule updates for a Sunday evening.  However, Regulations must generally come into force on a single Common Commencement Date – either 6 April or 1 October.  As a result, the RDSAP date and the date the Regulations come into force are slightly out of sync.

 The summary of the changes to the EPBD Regulations are as follows:

 The changes will extend the current requirements to commission an EPC that apply to residential buildings to all residential and non residential buildings when sold or rented out

 The requirements for the provision of an EPC with written particulars will be extended to all buildings sold or rented out and the option to attach the asset rating will be removed. The requirement will only extend to the first page of the EPC (the new EPC will consist of two pages, with four pages of recommendations)

 The requirement for the statutory lodgement of air conditioning inspection reports onto the central EPC Register